Church – Auditorium San Romano (Visit Lucca)

The Church of San Romano is located in the square with the same name in Lucca. It is the oldest and most prestigious Dominican convent which is important for the religious and civic life of the city. In 1372, in the single room of the church, there were five chapels built. The exterior of the church was unfinished and lost its importance until 1661 when the internal and external structures of the church were renovated. The remnants of the tombs of noble families from Lucca are still there. The church is now deconsecrated.

Auditorium San Romano:
has recently been achieved through a major renovation and functional recovery of the former church of San Romano annexed eponymous convent of the Dominican fathers. A nave was built in the thirteenth century and transformed in the course of the seventeenth century in the Baroque style. The Church is now back to its former glory with the complete restoration of the numerous works of art inside.
Piazza S. Romano, Old Town, Lucca